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Tire Flare Valve stem wheel light.

We at CGM are very proud to be the Exclusive Importer for the...


Continuous and intense Ring of Fire effects with motion/night sensitive LED stem lights for automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles.

The Most Advanced Lighting Technology available

The ULTIMATE Bike Safety Device Around!

LED Wheel Lights! For use on all Autos, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Scooters, Quads, Trailers and more..

TireFlares™ do not flash and produce a continuous circle of light even at the slowest speeds.

Power Save day-light sensors provide automatic shut-off in light for extra-long battery life.

Motion Activated! Centrifugal forces activate LED and Auto shut-off.

Anti-Theft Device lock to your tire valve stems in seconds to prevent theft.

And Far Superior to any competition!

Available in all primary colours:

Red White Blue Green and Multicolour


Key Benefits


*  You should also see the FX Flare.  This device attaches to a bicycle wheel  and allows the rider to select different messages or you can program your own (up to 7)- the ultimate bike safety device around!

bulletSee Tire Flare in action
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Check them out at many bike shops including:

bullet Jet Cycles WA
bulletBicycle Entrepreneur WA


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