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SunSure Early-Warning Detection Lens

What is Sunsure?

Sunsure early-warning detection lens - your 'magic eye' for safety in the sun

Sunburn is painful, unsightly and dangerous - now you can help avoid it with Sunsure - the unique, scientifically proven early warning detection lens. Sunsure is a type of safe sun UV meter in a user friendly form that helps to protect adults and children from UV rays.

Quick and easy-to-use - takes only seconds to remove any doubts you may have about how well protected you are - a quick visual check will help you know if you can safely remain in the sun.

By the time your skin looks red with the naked eye IT'S TOO LATE - with Sunsure the filters in the special lens detects changes in your skin BEFORE you burn, giving you time to take preventative action.

Whether you are going to the Beach, taking part in outdoor Activities or responsible for Child Care - protect the ones close to you - make your Sunsure 'magic eye' the first thing you reach for as you head for the door.

This must-have accessory makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the sunshine and the outdoor life.

Also used by teachers and child care assistants in playgrounds and outdoor activity trips.

Waterproof and lightweight, Sunsure comes conveniently supplied with a cord and can be worn around the neck or wrist, attached to clothing or simply carried in a pocket.

Sunsure detection lens are scientifically proven and have been tested by the University of Bari (Italy).


To help prevent the harmful effects of the sun on skin with Sunsure hold the lens to the eye as if it were a magnifying glass and look at the skin in direct sunlight. As soon as you see a reddening of the skin through the lens it is time to take protective measures as maximum sun exposure has been reached.


How will Sunsure help me tan faster?
By protecting skin that has reached maximum UV exposure you can help prevent burning, skin damage and the subsequent peeling so your tan will build up more quickly.

How often should I check?
There are many different skin types and each person will react differently to sun exposure; for best results you should check every 15 minutes.

What will I see when I look through the filter?
You should always check skin in direct sunlight as shade and artificial light will change the colours you see through the lens. When the skin has reached maximum exposure you will see a distinct reddening of the affected area through the lens.

Can I stay in the sun once my skin shows red through the filter?
Yes but you should take precautions. Once maximum exposure has been reached the safest way to protect yourself from burning is to shield the affected part of your skin from any further exposure that day. You can do this by getting out of the sun, (the most effective method!) using clothing or hats to cover the affected skin, or applying a very high factor cream of SPF20 or above (remember sun protection creams need to be applied 15-30 minutes before they become effective as it takes time for the filters in the lotion to react with the skin before they are able to absorb and reflect the UV radiation).

How red is red?
If you check your skin when you begin to sunbath you will see it has a reddish tint through the lens. On reaching maximum exposure you will see a distinct change through the lens as the affected area shows deeper red. Depending on the angle of the sun to the skin surface, some parts of the body will receive more UV radiation than others - the nose and forehead for example. You will see when these areas are in danger, as through the lens, they will be distinctly red compared to the rest of the face. Ask a friend or a partner to check areas that you cannot see yourself.

Does sun cream affect the filter?
Sunsure is NOT a replacement for sun cream and sun protection is highly recommended at all times. Application of sun cream will not change the affect of the filter - depending on the factor of the cream it may prolong the length of time before maximum exposure is reached. However once your skin shows red through the filter even if you are wearing sun cream you need to take further action to protect the affected area.


To clean the lens use gentle soap, warm water and a non-scratch cloth. Do not use lens cleaning fluids.

If your Sunsure lens is scratched or damaged it's time to replace it!


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