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 Magic Snow + Ice
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Magic Snow

Artificial Snow that looks exactly like the real thing!

Magic Snow is supplied in powder form.  When mixed with water it takes on the appearance of real snow.

Magic Snow can be used to create exciting and novel effects, it is fantastic for Christmas in July, Winter Wonderland, Fire & Ice and any theme involving snow.

Lightly dust trees for a frosty effect, make snow drifts.   Add a light sprinkle of silver glitter to catch the light, combine with dry ice for a really cool effect.

Indoors Magic Snow will last for several years as long as the product is well looked after and kept free of contaminants. 

When used outdoors Magic Snow changes it characteristics when exposed to UV light.  It is advisable that if the product is to be exposed to UV light that this be kept to as short a period as possible.  Once used outside it cannot be dehydrated and reused.

Magic Snow can be frozen and used to carve statues. 

Add Balloominators to make your snow sparkle.

Magic Snow looks like real snow.   To decorate trees simply apply dry crystals to foliage and lightly spray with water.   Add a dusting of silver glitter to make those special functions sparkle

Magic Snow is supplied in pack sizes:

190 grams - makes between 30 and 40 litres of snow
1kg           - makes between 150 and 200 litres of snow

Also available in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg buckets.


Create winter all year round with artificial snow and ice.


Magic Ice - Artificial ice

These magical crystals, when combined with water, swell to over 400 times their normal size and give the appearance of ice.   Fill containers with them and insert a Balloominator - the effect is awesome.  

This product is sometimes called Florist Gel and can be used with cut flowers.

Magic Ice crystals can also be coloured using normal food dyes, match the colours of your crystals to your event's themed colours.

Magic Ice is available for sale through this web site.   Email us for a price list.

We also stock Magic Snow - great for those Christmas in July functions.

Magic Ice is a dry crystal. Simply add two teaspoons to l litre of water and the gel will swell to approximately 400 times it size. The dry crystals need 12 - 24 hours to fully hydrate. Gels can be coloured with food colouring and can be reused simply by adding water to rehydrate them as soon as the gel starts to shrink. After you have finished with them dispose of gels in any pot plant or garden soil and they will continue to absorb and release water to your plants for up to five years. Magic Gel is safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Magic Gel looks like real ice. It is great for floral displays, oil burners and beautiful centrepieces.

*Images kindy supplied by makebelieve.



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