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 LED Candle
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LED Candle

Flameless LED Candles

LED candle is a flameless, waxless, heatless, long-lasting candle that can be used in any votive application. You no longer have to worry about the danger and inconvenience of a flame candle but still get the desired effect. The LED candle has an easy to use on/off switch. The LED candle uses 1 replaceable cr2025 coin cell battery. LED candle is ideal for restaurants, hotels, catering halls, museums, churches, homes, outdoor settings, special events, parties, concerts and picnics.

Flameless with wick.




Details on Candle
*one frosted led
*switch a - when switch on, colour changing from red-blue-green-red...
*switch b - when switch on, keeps present colour only (not changing)
*9v rectangle battery - changeable
*ic (made in Taiwan)
*3x4" pillar
*scent: 1% vanilla
*packing: shrinkage packing
 1pc/printed paper box

Current 3"x4" size.

Flameless type with or without hole on the top is available upon request.


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