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Bubble Wands

Giant bubble wands - an instant hit at any school fete, market, festival or other event.  Designed and made in Australia.

Bubble Wands are 225mm in diameter.  
Total length including  handle is 625mm.

Bubble Wands come in seven eye-catching bright colours, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow, Red, Light Blue and Dark Blue.

A recipe for bubble mix is supplied with each wand so that customers can make their own bubble
solution at home.   Our unique mix guarantees huge, long last bubbles.   

 We supply you with a Bubble sign with your order,  plus some helpful tips on demonstrating and selling the Bubble Wands.

Don't forget to order your BUTTERFLY WANDS as well...


We have an extensive range of wands that are hot sellers at school fetes.   These are sold in packs of 25, packs can be a mixture of any of the following:

bulletribbon wands
bulletbutterfly wands
bulletspider wands
bulletbubble wands

Butterfly wands

Butterfly wands are available in three sizes, small medium and large, minimum purchased 50 units.

*Images kindly supplied by makebelieve.


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