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Super SPECIAL price on Case (720 units) spoiled battery stock Balloon Lights! We have a number of white and coloured flashing lights with unknown battery condition. Some work well and others need a new battery or a fiddle to get going. The additional battery that is also supplied may or may not work. These lights us a standard LR41 type button cell battery pack. Please contact SALES HERE

Flashing Light Up Balloon Fun in 4 Easy Steps!

Using the Balloominator™ couldn't be any easier and you will find hundreds of other uses for them too!

Step 1: Drop it in

Just drop the balloon light in the uninflated balloon.

If needed, load up with batteries by unscrewing the bottom.

Step 2: Inflate and tie off

Inflate as normal with air or helium via lungs, pumps or tanks. It doesn't matter to the Balloominator™!
Tie off the balloon with a knot, or use a disk or other standard tie off device.
The Balloominator is 100% Hi Float compatible and waterproof too.

Step 3: Secure the Balloon Light

Turn the balloon up and let the Balloominator™ drop down into the neck.
Secure the O-ring over the neck of the balloon to hold the Balloominator™ in place.

Step 4: Turn it on and let the fun begin!

Now just hold the top of the Balloominator™ while twisting the bottom clockwise until the light comes on.

Each Package Contains: Balloominator in your choice of colour, Extra Battery Set, O-ring, Complete Instructions. *balloons not included

Technical Specification for Balloominator


Contact Sales at CGM

Product Uses

Balloons have always signified celebration, parties, and fun times. Now we have the opportunity to use Balloominators™ (patent pending) to light up every event! When given the choice between a standard helium balloon and one that lights up the choice will always be for the product that is more exciting and fun! The following are just a few uses for the Balloominator™:

Eye-catching illuminated balloon arches at night for any event.

Wonderful for parties around the pool.

A swimming pool filled with floating balloons that blink and sparkle would be just the ticket.

Exciting balloon sculptures.

Valentines Day. Red flashing Balloominators inside of latex heart shaped balloons or Mylar Balloons that have clear portions in them.

Tied to the antennas of cars and floating in the air at night at Automotive Dealerships. You could see the car lot for miles!

Every Birthday party.

Illuminated balloon bouquets.

Large balloon drops. Before the drop there would be 1000's of blinking "stars" overhead! Then they would slowly descend to earth.

An exciting addition to all New Years celebrations.

At carnivals and the circus! Oh how they would light up the big-top.

A train of balloons tied to the mailbox to signify where the big event is.

Amusement parks at night.

The uses are only limited by your imagination…


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