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Now available in 5 bright colours.

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and super bright White.

Works in all Latex balloons.

(best effect if 11" or larger)

Floats in Helium Balloons too!

Technical Specifications for the Balloominator™.

Size: 1 1/8" long x 7/16" in diameter
Weight: 2/16oz, 2.5 grams
Colours Available: White, Blue, Red, Green & Yellow
Power: 3 x AG13 button batteries (included) activated by a positive pressure twist action switch on the base.
Duration: 2-4 hours of max intensity. 12-16 hrs usable brightness on each set of batteries
Flash Rate: 1-3 flashes a second.
Construction: Silver plastic shell with optically clear plastic lens and custom designed high output Light Emitting Diode.
For Use In: All latex and foil balloons containing inert gasses. Best effect if using 12" or larger semitransparent balloons.




Contact Sales at CGM

Super SPECIAL price on Case (720 units) spoiled battery stock Balloon Lights! We have a number of white and coloured flashing lights with unknown battery condition. Some work well and others need a new battery or a fiddle to get going. The additional battery that is also supplied may or may not work. These lights us a standard LR41 type button cell battery pack. Please contact SALES HERE

NEW Improved Features for the Balloominator™ III:

Lasts Longer!
While the LED's will last approx. 100,000 hours the batteries will produce ultra bright light for 3-4 hours and then it slowly diminishes over a 24 -48 hour period.

Now 250% Brighter!
The brightest around. Perfect for letting people know where the party is. At night you can see your blinking balloons for blocks!
Also suitable for any low light situation like parties, banquets, balls, prom or home coming dances, nightclubs and bars, restaurants, weddings or even romantic candle light dinners.

On & Off with Easier Twist Action Switch
Easily turn on the fun when ever you want with a simple twist of your wrist. All while the Balloominator™ is inside the balloon!

New Anchoring System
No more hard to use clips! The new O-ring anchor system holds the Balloominator securely in place during winds or play time, yet is easy to attach.

More efficient with the newly designed 100% optically clear lens.
Unique projection pattern matches the unusual shape of a balloon to put the light just where you need it and maximize brightness.

Custom designed wide angle, super bright LED technology.
The new LED (Light Emitting Diode) design insures super bright output, even from the coloured LED's.

Specifically designed for lighting latex balloons 11" and larger. Balluminator™ is not some repackaged belly button light. These were designed to light balloons and version III represents years of development and customer feedback.

Now even more amazed people gather around the Balloominator. This really is such a unique and unusual item that every time you turn it on you will suddenly be the center of attention just about anywhere! You can't buy these in just any store. Stock up now and watch the party happen anytime you have a balloon.


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