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Product name: UV Pen

The UV Light Sensitive pen measures the upper and lower UV radiation levels of the suns rays.  This is a great promotional item for events, tourism, and sun aware events.  Also great for people working in the our door environment and could be used as standard issue safety device for our extreme summer conditions.  Can be used as a personal sun monitor to measure harmful rays that cause premature aging, sunburn, skin cancer, and cataracts.

Some models continually measure the amount of Ultraviolet rays your are receiving, even on cloudy days.  The SunCast brand is also waterproof!  Wear it on your wrist, around your neck, or fix it to your bag, hat or clothes. Take it with you outdoor, whenever you are sunbathing, skiing, or swimming.

Now you will know exactly the time you need to re slip, slop, or slap!  For you non Australians, that reapplying sun cream.   

The SunCast even keeps track of accumulated UV radiations you have received throughout the day, and alarm will sound to remind you when your safe sun time is up! The SunCast takes into account the intensity of UV rays, your skin type, the sun protective factor (SPF) of your sun blocking lotion, the time of day and the amount of sun you have already had to calculate how much time you can safely stay in the sun.

SunCast In three easy steps

bulletEnter the skin type obtained from the skin analyzer (provided)
bulletEnter your sun lotion factor (SPF)
bulletMake sure the watch is in the sun with you

The above three simple steps allow the SunCast to automatically calculate and provide you with a reading as to the intensity of the sun at that moment, and the maximum possible time that you can spend under the sun without burning. An alarm will sound to indicate when your safe sun time is up.

SunCast Features

Waterproof up to 10 feet ( 3 meters)
Available in four colors (Orange, Yellow, Black and White
Comes with multilingual instruction and Skin Analyzer




Product name: UV meter

UVI Features:
1. UV index display
2. Real time clock mode
3. Ambient temperature display
4. Splashing-proof
5. Sporty design fits for many kinds of outdoor activities
6. Tells user safe exposure time according to sun block spf index
7. Sunburn alarm
Display results: UV index from 0 to 15 graded results:5 levels - vw (very weak), w (weak), n (normal), s (strong), vs (very strong)
Modes: Uvi, temperature, clock, spf setting
Clock:12 hour display
Power voltage:3 voltage
Power consumption: Stand 10ua, testing:1ma
Dimensions 59h x 32 w x 14 d mm
Battery 1 x cr2016(included)



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