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Original Scoubidous.


Probably the biggest producers of Scoubidou strands in Europe!
The reason why they manufacture in the Netherlands/Europe is that their main aim is to produce quality products all the time. This is especially important when you produce so many million metres of Scoubidou per week.


Scoubidous strands are a colourful collection of hollow, plastic strands in various colours and different types including glitter, glow in the dark and rainbow strands


By using the various knotting techniques, you can turn them into key rings, all kinds of figures and animals and, of course, personal adornment like bracelets and necklaces. It's an activity which appeals both to kids and to adults and it has its rewards: creativity and imagination are stimulated, while at the same time developing manual dexterity.  How can you resist!

Are also know as- ScoobieDoo, Scooby, Scoobies and Boondoogle.


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