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Magic Sand

Magic Sand is regular sand which has been dyed and coated with a hydrophobic substance -- a substance which repels water. Oil, for example, is a hydrophobic substance. Pour a little oil into a cup of water and the oil does not mix; it simply floats to the surface. Magic Sand works just the same way except that Magic Sand sinks. The coating on the outside of the magic sand repels water and keeps the sand dry! To store, simply remove the sand from the water with a spoon... it is perfectly dry!



Rheoscopic Fluid

Captivate your market with this unique fluid. Its suspended pearly crystals show current movement continually, without settling out. This non-toxic, pearly white substance is a water-based suspension. When warmed or cooled, strong convection currents appear. Rheoscopic Fluid comes white and can easily be coloured with just a few drops of ordinary food colouring. 32 oz container (~1 litre) Activity guide included.


"Lil' Suctioner"
World's Most Useful (& Amazing) Suction Cup!

Slide this simple, totally amazing device over a can of soda or a beaker, place it down on a smooth, flat surface such as a lab bench and it sticks! Inadvertently invented by Mike Adjeleian, this variation on the suction cup uses air pressure to hold containers and prevent them from spilling. Great in the lab, on your science table or even at home! We use them all over our office. Use to teach students the "truths" about air pressure, "There is no suction!" Great fun and educational. Sized to fit standard soda cans, small beakers or any round, uniform container up to a maximum of about 3" in diameter. Sold in packages of 3. Our Lil' Suctioners are printed with a variety of air pressure facts!



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